Synchronicity Moments…

-Satyavani Kakarla

Now Moments! 

Nature on Canvas, Canvas and Artist in a Photograph in Nature, All in Nature! Prakriti!

It was one of those quiet, serene, ‘Now’ moments I intercepted with… well-deserved and well received, I think.

During a short vacation away from home in spring, as hubby and I stepped outdoors embracing the day in the morning on a hike in Carmel Valley, the mind was clogged with a lot of humdrum, like for us all.

That day’s fresh or should I say stale brain feed, was, too much chaos out in the world, the cry out in the news and facebook of girls’ safety, little, young and old alike, of everybody’s safety, the cry of families facing everyday challenges big and small and changes happening every moment, of world nation’s worry of stability and happiness and the search of peace… 

Hmm, amidst this, one has to find the space and moments that keeps one alive, strive, thrive, a balancing act to perform in this Act of Life! 

After the beautiful valley trail walk, with Carmel river running alongside some parts of the trail’s perimeter (the river looks more like a small stream and its course runs long ways from a far off eastern valley landscape slopes and merges into the pacific ocean) we came back to our parking spot, the small parking area located close to the river which runs just down a few feet below. 

Hubby settled back in the car exhausted from the walk, but the curious me as usual, couldn’t resist taking one more last peek at the river before we drove off further into the valley looking for lunch. 

Pacing few steps back and forth slowly, interestingly I found a small path, went closer and saw steps leading down the slope to the river. I stood a few minutes atop to gaze the running water nestled in among dense trees. 

As I stood scanning the area further (I realized later that it was a calling for sure, some energy force that drew me to walk down further for just few minutes… to cherish later) I found the most beautiful scene… stood in awe at the ‘slice of the moment’, there was a painter at the foot of the small stair path, busy working on a canvas mounted on an easel. What made the scene and the moment special is hard to express, but can only be felt. 

Chose to walk down the steps, savored the quiet, calming scene of a small space among clustered trees, the sunshine streaming through the branches and into the pebbled water pond, the river which flows downstream otherwise was just stagnant momentarily at that spot and flows further after, and to top it all an artist capturing all that in her own way…

After savoring the scenic beauty and the quiet moment in front of me, I encroached a bit further and introduced myself to the painter hesitantly. To my surprise she was very warm and sweet and quickly we got into an exchange of conversations.

Came to know that she dedicated her life to art and showcases her work in several galleries along the coast, and across the country. 

The usual me ended up taking few more pics of the stream, her canvas and the painter herself in the backdrop. She requested me to send some of the pics as she liked the one especially with her brush in progress and I took permission asking her if I could post some of the pics on my social media…

Before bidding goodbye, she gave me one of her works, a printed postcard that she carried, the blooms of Wisteria, one my favorite flowers I chase to view in spring and late summers…  

That, I call Now moments, they do matter. Some extra steps we take that puts us into experiences, quietens us, sifting through chaos and in turn moves us into contemplative moments, to touch, feel, appreciate, breathe and acknowledge life…

What do you think? What are your Now moments that you reminisce, that stay with you even though the moment has passed but freezes in a strange way, making a difference in your life?


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