Haunting Voices: Stories heard and Unheard -12 Punadi Story by P.Sathavathi

Haunting Voices: Heard and Unheard  Punadi Story by P.Sathavathi -Syamala Kallury Grandma– “We have already discussed this writer Ravi. But then when I came across this story, I thought this Continue Reading

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A Poem A Month -16 Solitude or Loneliness? (Telugu Original “Ekantamo Ontaritanamo” by Manasa Chamarti)

Solitude or Loneliness? -English Translation: Nauduri Murthy -Telugu Original: “Ekantamo Ontaritanamo” by Manasa Chamarti Even amidst a large gathering This loneliness hurts me deep; Even as I go in search Continue Reading

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