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IS LIFE A JOURNEY!!!….A conflict with oneself,, may be yes..


          Each one’s life is a journey…. we all are conditioned and influenced by circumstances. We all have certain perceptions and judgements about the experiences that condition our life. These may be right from our early childhood or even circumstances preceding our birth. All this could very well be crucial to the life that we will eventually begin to live, as we grow older. It is also possible that these experiences and conditions can be of such dominant significance that anything else that shapes the rest of our lives will be secondary to these foundational experiences. There is a lot of merit to this and based on our observations, it is quite clear that we put a great deal of importance on these influences and experiences. Besides agreeing to a large extent on the validity of our opinions, I cannot offer any intelligent refutation. Hence, I will have not much to say on what degree of influence these early childhood or prior life events have on our current life. As I accept many other things in life as a condition of my current existence, I do accept the truth of these arguments. However, I move on from this position…

          Life is driven by hope and shaped in the future. And hence, it is more appropriate, and in my opinion highly enriching, to base one’s life story predominantly on the future. Here in the realm of future, the options for the exercise of “Free Will” come to play and afford a far greater opportunity to write our life story on our terms.

          While not at all negating the prominence of what is said about the early influences, I for the most part chose to look beyond them. This dialogue that we are having, can yield more creative insights and a blue print for a future course of action should we set as our domain for the present and the future.

          I do not pretend to have addressed our arguments with a sense of completeness. However, I do not have much more to address on this topic. I always believed that past is just behind us, present is in our hands, future is in our minds. It all depends on how we care for the past, mould the present and tread the future. On the other hand, I do have a lot to share on shaping the thoughts that will shape the future…this is an argument and dialogue I would be keen to continue as I indicate in my previous note.

          Bang on …go ahead …go together…after all…all that life’s asking is keep the dialogue on within ourselves…that dialogue which started on its own in our mind without we ever realising it! However when confronted with plethora of questions and especially when we are unable to apply the conventional wisdom to drive sense or meaning! We are at a natural abandon of that process of dialogue from time to time!

          Perhaps, the laws of Karmic forces or the truth of Karma are at play. Else, there is no other explanation to that process of dialogue, which even existed in us as a child! However, subtle it might have been then… maybe, that is what is ‘prarabhdha’ – Carrying that engagement on from the previous lives… Over the years as we grow and learn in this physical world the discriminating power enables one to engage in those dialogue within oneself but again get distracted from time to time due to the continued conditioning that happens to the physical mind! By then possibly the launching of ‘vasana’s in oneself is that much pronounced and the combination of ‘Vasana’s and Conditionality is propelling one towards issuing out actions in a ‘response to stimuli’ mode of action! That action which slowly manifests itself into ‘Purushartha’ and thereby creating the image of power of invincibility!

          But then, as the life launches out into the open from those protective bastions into the adulthood? ‘Prarabhdha’ is equally pronounced, Vasanas are equally pronounced and conditionality tries to ensure that we are well distracted from that dialogue process within ourselves and thus creating hurdles in our way of creating the right ‘purushartha’!
At last! Life is a meaningful journey…


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