Walking on the edge of a river-6

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

6. Memory a piece

Though we try to forget
Some person…an incident
Pains as the agony of life

Not only the delicate feel of the grace of roses
The experiences of piercing glass pieces too
The breaking of dry leaves that sprouted out
The shades of wind that threw into valleys cheating
Raw wounds fear in the journey of life

On the shores of those whimpering oceans
Spreading smiles of grass flowers memories
Childhood friends and acquaintances
Tears bidding farewell suddenly
Shaking hands on the last examination day
Signatures of students becoming the palanquins
Of hopes

When performing the work in the early dawn
The messengers of forthcoming generations
with a back support
when faltered and fallen untainted hands
helping to walk
faces of so many as graphic sceneries
indistinctly as if smeared and melting
suddenly as if in some midnight dream
with the same reverence agitates
though we struggle a lot
names will never be recalled
folded layers of brain never open up
with unreasonable hatred, jealousy and revenge
names that became the bouquets of thorns
still pierce in the heart

recalling some is a hell
failed to recall some more
hellish pain of squeezing the heart

so, absolutely, for anyone
every memory is a piece


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