A flickering street light

-Mahesswure Gurram

          The street light keeps flickering as Hayal walks down the lane to her house. Her thoughts weigh heavy on her head and keep wobbling, rightly in tune with the fluttering street light. Each flicker feels like a metaphor for the uncertainties that cloud her mind.

          Just like her name, Hayal has always been a dreamer, despite being committed to her Islamic culture, her head is filled with aspirations and ambitions that soar beyond the confines of her small town. But lately, doubts and fears had begun to creep in, casting shadows on her once unwavering confidence. The flickering street light seemed to mirror her inner turmoil, its wavering glow reflecting the flickering of her dreams.

          As she approaches her house, Hayal notices a figure sitting on a bench near a park. It’s an elderly woman, her face etched with wrinkles that tell tales of a life fully lived. Intrigued, Hayal decides to approach her, hoping for a moment of solace and wisdom amidst the chaos in her mind.

          With hesitant steps, Hayal takes a seat beside the woman. Without a word, the woman looks up, her eyes filled with a gentle understanding. Hayal finds herself opening up, sharing her fears and uncertainties, the weight that has been burdening her spirit.

          The woman listens intently, her presence a calming force in the midst of Hayal’s emotional storm. When Hayal finishes speaking, the woman smiles, her eyes twinkling with wisdom. In a voice weathered by time, she imparts her own story of dreams and setbacks, of resilience and triumph.

          ‘Hayal, do you see the flickering street light? says the elderly voice pointing out the street light.

          I look at her and nod my head in agreement.

          ‘Just like the flickering light is a life filled with uncertainty.’ continues the elderly woman.

          ‘I don’t understand’ I say almost puzzled.

          ‘Life, like the flickering street light, is filled with uncertainty. But it is in those moments of darkness and doubt that we find the strength to persevere.’ she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

          At that very moment, her words embraced my dreams wholeheartedly, insisting I trust in my abilities and have faith in the journey, no matter how unpredictable it may be.

          As the conversation unfolds, Hayal realizes that her fears were simply a part of the journey, not roadblocks to her dreams.

          The flickering street light, once a symbol of uncertainty, now becomes a glimmer of hope, reminding her that even in the midst of flickering doubts, there is a steady light within her waiting to shine.

          With a newfound sense of determination, Hayal thanks the woman for her guidance and rises from the bench.

          As she continues her walk home, the street light flickers persistently, but this time, it no longer reflects her wavering thoughts. Instead, it serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience she carries within.

          Hayal steps into her house, her mind filled with renewed optimism. She knows that the path ahead may still be challenging, but she is ready to embrace it, guided by the lessons learned from the flickering street light and the wise woman on the bench.

          For Hayal, this night becomes a turning point, a reminder that even amidst uncertainties, her dreams can still illuminate the way forward. And as she drifts off to sleep, she finds comfort in the knowledge that her dreams will continue to burn brightly, lighting her path in the face of any flickering doubts that may arise.


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  1. A beautiful story which motivates every women in progressing their thoughts and leads.. Well done and appreciated for a beautiful story 👏💖

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