About Neccheli 

Neccheli Women Web Magazine introduces women literature – content that empowers women. Neccheli’s goal is to showcase all the success and inspirational stories about women. 

 “Neccheli – English” has been specifically dedicated to English Authors.

For Neccheli – 

  • Women empowerment content (though written by Men)

  • Well known as well as ameteur author content

  • Translations from English -Telugu and any language – English

Please contact editor.neccheli@gmail.com  for questions. 

Publisher & Editor

Neccheli Geeta (Dr Kala.Geeta Madhavi/DrK.Geeta)

Sub Editor

Neccheli Ratnakar (Ratnakar Avasarala)

Technical Support

Neccheli Shanthi

Neccheli Sahithi

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