How to write for Neccheli 

  • Neccheli accepts all writings by women (or) women empowerment related content written by men. Content that insults women will be rejected. 

  • Please send only typed & Unicode works (if it is in Telugu).

  • Content must be proofread before sending. 

  • Content can be sent as word doc attachments via email (or) directly as an email. PDFs (or) Hand written content (or) text images would not be accepted. 

  • A permission letter to Neccheli to publish your content should be attached to the email. 

  • Only links are accepted for the Audio & Video sections. No email attachments please.

  • A new issue of Neccheli will be online on 10th of every month. 

  • Please send all articles to by 20th of every month. Content received after that will be published the following month if publishable.

  • If you are writing to Neccheli for the first time, please send a photo of yourself and a short bio of 5 or 6 sentences. 

  • Please send only unpublished writings. 

  • All the publishing rights and the final decision for publishing belongs only to Neccheli. 

  • Please send your opinions and suggestions to

  • * Please share only the published link from Neccheli on social media until a week from publishing date.

  • Please subscribe (Free) to Neccheli Magazine & Neccheli Whats app GroupNeccheli Youtube Channel & Neccheli Instagram 

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