Poems of Aduri Satyavathi Devi


Festoon of Lights in a Jingling Festival of Joy

Telugu Original: Aduri Satyavathi Devi

English Translation: Munipalle Raju

Uninterrupted in my inner niches

For ever in some corner or other

A dancing Jingling Festoon of lights

A constant Festival of Joy

Enacts a play of life and letters!

Would not my sources of breath and strength

Dry up sadly if I miss this procession on the stage?

A soft shawl of silky yarn covering my shoulders

With lyrical words on lips

When strolling on a shore alone.

Suddenly an aromatic breeze

Surrounds me like violin melodies many.

Slowly softly the night of snowfall moves away

All the smiles with unfurling rose petals

Swing to and fro like the crescents of moon

intoxicated with Love.

Then standby to witness

The inaugural of an aesthetic festival

A procession of bursting sentimental race

Scene after Scene Precisely enacted

The Curtain drops and

The image of stage transformed

Desires dissolve amidst salty and bitter currents

Into Tides, Falls and seas or oceans

To submerge me with a face of Horror.

When the grip is weakened and lost

And buried under the debris of ruins

When the creeper of life is withering in wintry cold

The grand festival of dancing lights

Rushes for my rescue with a kindly speed

With intense but friendly smiles

Weaving a sweet aroma around

To hug me tight to her bosom deep.

Raising me on her lighted horns

Like wind blowing unrestricted

Wandering deep in the forest valleys

High on the squares of endless skies

Amidst Scenes of anguished humans

She does not abandon my hand a moment

A profound and emotional reflection lively

Stifling me and speechless

Mingles into myself.

The melody of a bird hitherto unheard

A strange footprint never before seen

They gift me the sun’s all-seeing eye,

They bathe me in the poetic river, fresh and lush

A flowery field of universal fraternity

An approving laughter of brilliant skies.

No longer the currents of selfish and bitter times

Dare to misguide me to deceitful paths

Nor could they near my electric image pure

And when I resume my onward march

Determined and strong steps unhesitating

The false nets crumpled helpless and lifeless


Telugu Original : ‘Deepa Thorana Chalanotsavam’

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