Need of the hour -33

Self-Reliant Women


         Our aim in writing this article is to show case the talent of women in various fields and prove that a woman is multifaceted. We also uphold the same status of women, even with the increasing discrimination at every stage. Women are put to discrimination but women never discriminated themselves and underestimated their strength and credibility. 

         There is a world of difference in the way we learnt C, See and SEA. Women are those who can bring SEA changes in the society. As a little girl she learnt The letter “C”. Slowly she started to grow and “SEE” the changes in the society. With her knowledge, expertise and tactfulness she can bring “SEA” changes in the Society. She is the one who can dare to dream and bring SEA change into this world. C sounds the same, but there is a SEA change in women across the globe.

         On the contrary women are not only discriminated because of patriarchy society but also because of women who are not in tune with the working trends and possess a strong negative character towards economically independent women. She has to use it as her weapon as well as new opportunity to meet all such challenges that makes her further strong.

         In the globalized market the opportunities available have tremendously increased. A person living in any remote area has access to almost any part of the country and the world at large. The casual and interesting hobbies, which an individual developed in her child hood, can be tactfully converted to be a business opportunity.

Traditional opportunities:

  • Creation of jobs.
  • Providing subsidies.
  • Credit allocation for women entrepreneurs.
  • Training in various fields.
  • Support services.
  • Aid and support from women organizations.

New and emerging opportunities:

  • Accessibility
  • RUDSET in Karnataka
  • RED for women (real easy decisions)
  • IRDP programmes
  • PMRY (Prime ministers rozgaryojana)
  • Flexi timings
  • NABARD Refinance
  • Mahilasamajas of the Karnataka womens development corporation
  • Group guarantee and group activity
  • SIDBI ( small industries development bank of India)
  • MahilaUdyamNidhi
  • Liberalized national equity fund scheme
  • Women’s world banking
  • The art of living foundation
  • UNDP programs on gender equality
  • MSMEs

         “The opportunities are greater now than at any other time: a lot of the old debates about women and work have moved on to how to make professional life work for all executives,” Mr. McAlindon says.

         The saying “Behind every successful man there is a woman,” is widely accepted. But can we imagine the changed version of the same saying, “Behind every successful woman there is a man” Obviously all the new and encouraging factors will surely contribute for women development.

         We can easily see metamorphosis in the society where economically independent women has become the need of an hour and she has become very keen in choosing a career of her full potential which can accommodate hobbies to her profession and she is no more putting herself in the soup of problems to prove herself as a super woman.

         Skill India, make in India, and Self Reliant India has proved to be very effective in encouraging women. Also the companies act of 2013 has enabled women to start their own companies. One-person company OPC also has enabled our economy to assist women to be more independent and self-reliant. Also Online accessibility has enabled women to be more independent and highly productive by being competent to overcome distances and reach the global world with a click of a button.



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