Need of the hour -34

World needs more Leaders


         Today’s world requires more leaders, as we have many individuals in the society who need to be guided. The youth of any country has to be guided into the right direction at their adolescent age. This is a social, moral and ethical responsibility of very nation. To be useful to oneself and to the society at large, one needs to possess the qualities of an intrapreneur. Now who is an Intrapreneur? An Intrapreneur is one who knows his responsibilities and needs not much guidance to do his daily commitments. He knows to guide himself with the directions he receives from his own inner self. He displays all the qualities of an entrepreneur in whatever position he is. In the sense, as a student, he displays his talent and works towards his set goals, as an Individual, he lists put his own targets and achieves the same. He does not need monitoring, guidance on daily or on regular basis. In short, he is a responsible Entrepreneur in himself, devoid of any position.

         Being an Intrapreneur, we can first discipline ourselves, get meticulously planned and then guide others who can be our followers. He knows the right and wrong and good and bad to the society. There is a lot of need and requirement to enable everyone to explore and invade themselves to be an achiever. No matter which ever profession we are in, we need to have targeted goals and ensure, everyone around us get into a time bound discipline to achieve as a group or community. 

         This is possible only with synergy levels increased among our peer group. This way, there is a lot the country and the world nations can achieve. Idle minds, non-motivated youth and also all age groups can be destroyers of peace and well-being in the society. There is a great need to improve on societies motivational levels. Churning Intrepreneurs should start from the school level. Then every society can have discipline, and can come out of chaos, undue influence and wrong happenings in the society.

         This is very well possible if at the micro level, families take care of the children and at the macro level, educational institutions discharge their responsibilities judiciously.



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