Need of the hour -37

Is Life a beautiful gift! Think..


           Life is always a beautiful gift. How are we treading it, is totally our choice.  Have we given enough time and space for all four aspects in life?

They are

  1. Social life
  2. Spiritual life
  3. Official life
  4. Personal life

           Whether we are gaining or benefitting from others in our social life, is never a question. How much of our life are we trying to interact with people around us is very important? And when we interact, are we able to impact others positively, let us think…

           There is so much in spiritual well-being of a person. When we learnt to take nature and its gifts around us for granted, let us simply accept there is God existing. How much time are we really catering to keep our surroundings clean, our mind clean, our thought process clean and help spread goodness or godliness around us? Let us think….

           Official life is not always our job place; it can be our space we work at home or office or business or passion. Are we really doing something to materially benefit to consume our big square meal every day? Let us think….

           Family life applies to everyone whether we remain married, unmarried, student or an employee. How are we trying to see there is great contribution from our side? Let us think…

           Maslow’s need hierarchy tells us of basic needs, like physiological, psychological are very important. When we have a contended life in these two areas, it’s our requirement to reach self-esteem and self- actualization levels on this earth. Self-esteem is only a stepping stone; we need to try reaching self-actualization stage in life, which culminates all four desires in one’s life, which are social, official, family and spiritual lives.

           We have many role models around us who give us a great inspiration and motivation. We need to make best choices from what we see around us. Let us continue to think…



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