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Astrology- A Rescue Science

Part – 2


          Astrology is a rescue science; it can also be called as a spiritual science. Psychology is a social science. Then no wonder it is an eternal science. It helps a man to think peacefully and be a wise man.

          Physical science is one which helps man to come out of his bodily pains and diseases and bring some temporary relief. 

          The day starts or the sun rise happens at that time. For example, Sunday, sunrise is at Ravi dasa and so on. The influence of the planet of the day is very powerful and signifies the quality of the day according to its planet.

Or this can also be the order of nine celestial bodies.

S. No.

Celestial body its other name


Mercury- Buda


Venus – Sukra


Mars – Angaaraka


Earth – Bhoomi


Jupiter – Guru


Saturn – Sani


Uranus – Kujudu


Neptune – Indra


Pluto – Yama

In either of the methods we can cover all the planets and find relation, influence and significance of the behaviour of a man in relation to the planets and their positions.

          As the subject is vast, I may not be able to justify every angle. However, I will try to narrow down the concept and my theory towards the title, calling Astrology, A rescue science.

          Planet Ravi or sun is also called the king of all planets. He gives us the top positions and also makes us feel supreme and powerful on this earth. Planet Ravi says we can get back our superiority and helps us lead a life with authority and added spice of wisdom.

          Planet Chandra or moon is also called queen of all planets. She bestows cool head, enables man to think through his soft heart. She can also be the reason for ill health if she is looking at the person from a wrong angle. Chandra dasa says, no matter how big king or a person you are on this earth, think not just with your head but let the heart take few decisions. It means all the decisions on earth cannot find a solution from a wise mind, Intelligence quotient, there is also a soft heart which can give a better solution, emotional quotient.

          Planet Kuja gives us all kinds of strength to take firm decision, overcome difficulties and stay strong. But if his angle is wrong, he can influence anger, accidents or even bloodshed.

          Planet Buda helps us to bow down and be a learner. If we take the right direction from buda, we can change our path and try to enlighten ourselves. So there is nothing wrong listening to others. Also, if a man remains a student forever, he will find eternal bliss.

          Planet Guru is one who will give us enlightened thinking. For every human being there is a scope for learning. So this period, we need to sharpen our skills and be a good learner to become wise on this earth. It also states, never give a wrong advice or exploit a sishya or a student. This will surely bring down the fame of the guru or an institution.

          Planet sukra bestows happiness, beauty, pleasure which are vital things in human life. It also urges us to take strength from spirituality and learn to please others.

          Planet sani troubles a man when he is looking from a wrong angle. However, it is very easy to pacify sani and in fact he teaches us how to live with all kinds of setbacks in this life.

          Planet Rahu can give us all the material benefits on this earth and make our living most comfortable, if he is looking at the person from right angle. If not he can create a hell on earth for a man.

          Planet ketu is the one who troubles a person and pushes him till the edge of his life. This is the reason, man should time to time become spiritual to overcome these kinds of pressures from ketu and be prepared for eternal and spiritual knowledge. Indra influences the love angle in a person. Yama or ketu will give the signals of end of earthly living for a man.

          Astrology blames or appreciates the far off planets. The subject tries to pacify an individual saying he is not to blame himself for the wrong happenings in his life or with his people. We generally blame the conditions, situations, and people around us or those whom we dislike. We usually never find fault in us. This is like blaming the friends and relations. Like when we are upset, we blame Rahu, kuja or sani. They are aggressive at times. It means we are trying to smoothen our anger, wild feelings, and moderate our thoughts. Sometimes we are told that it is our guru, buda or sukra dasas.

          It means we should wait for our guru dasa to help ourselves to attain better knowledge or approach a senior. Buda dasa tells us, it is better to listen to someone when we cannot take a decision; means become a good listener, obey and find a solution to our problems.

          After all this, we can wait for sukra dasa which tells there are good times waiting for us, so silently sail through our bad period.

          So to live a successful life or keep the journey of life peaceful, we need all the sciences to help us. It is like helping us to use our own innate resources. These sciences try to ignite our mind at the right moment. If and only, we are ready to take the solutions.

          So, let us be ready to accept the light of all the sciences to go beneath our egos. Also it is very wisely stated that among the world astrology, Indian astrology alone can give a remedy. So astrology can also be called, a remedial science.

          Astrology always believes that man is nothing but a small toy in the hands of destiny. If life is a question paper, astrology has answers for those various questions. So thinking wisely, acting reasonably and choosing the right path is the best way to lead a happy life on this earth.

          It is in two ways. Firstly, Indians are inclined to bow down before the God, superior or in front of a wise man and be ready to accept change and improve their lives. So we should always be prepared to adjust in life. Rahu and kuja are important planets who are always ready to help us. So we need to pacify them, so that our life can be taking altogether a new and different turn. If not, instead of opening the doors for enlightenment, we may even close the windows of our wisdom.



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