Bhagiratha’s Bounty and Other poems-24

English Translation: T.S. Chandra Mouli

Telugu Original : Kandukuri Sreeramulu 

24. Marine Congregation

Oh my Visakha Sea!
To extend to the sky
how long you did tapasya,meditation like a maharshi?
Absorbing great rivers of processions
frighteningly massive public meeting today.
But for enormous depth, immense capability,
total transformation, how can you boast of a blue body?
Spotting you at a distance
I felt it as a gently wafting, tinkling breeze.
Beholding you a little away
I mistook you for the lake in my village
where I swam competing with others.
Finding you afar
I viewed you as a story bloomed in ‘Chandamama’ magazine
carrying leaves of syllables on an entire page.
Noticing you far off
I felt you were an innocent infant with toothless smile
with dribble as you frolic on meadows.
It’s my illusion, crazy as I am
how can view you far away?
Having seen you so closely
having an idea of music of your waves, sky length slogan
observing roaring gale
seeing swelling banners of red breakers
it might be my illusion, crazy as I am
how can I distance you from me?
It is estimated to be the sixth meeting only
how many melodies of rollers
how many refrains of songs of sea resonating with war cries
has anyone evaluated?
Account for, standing before the sea
watch as long as required! See in succession!
Count the waves
reckon dreams of waves
enumerate skills of inspiring addresses
wafting in the meeting of the sea!
Look at the sea breathing on dynamism,
clouds that gathered in the sky
fortunately did not envelope the sea.
As one takes a stroll in the beach
happily it plays hide and seek game.
When one walks gloomily
sand under feet stirs.
When one is ready to fight
a wave lifts spirits suddenly
involving in the combat.
Whether one sees the meeting
or the sea
unless perspective is different
why sea that turns red is a well-aimed arrow
one can not realise.
Delve into mines, they are never exhausted
explore people lives are never in shortage
excavate lives as one excavates a lake
ultimately turning it into a sea
transform it into a terrible tidal wave, emotional upsurge,
transmute into pollen of red moonlit flowers
that bloomed bounteously
in forests of struggle for a livelihood.
Energise slogan as the meeting is spiked
boost the sea as a banner is hoisted!


(To be continued-)

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