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Higher secondary School level preparation strategies for math’s


          Higher secondary students need to learn math’s at totally a different level. Students at this level should be able to solve, non-monotonous and open ended problems. The focus here should not be just the answer but the steps and formulas involved in going through the problems. He should be allowed to self-regulate and think on his own.

          Instead of setting a target mark of 100/100, it’s better to allow him to do his mistakes and gradually reach to more percentages. This way, he is sure, not to repeat his mistakes. And every time he attempts a paper in maths, he will only aim for another 10 more marks. This helps him to turn away from rote learning and go towards, self-learning.

          Real world math’s is more important to develop competency in mathematics. In learning the formulas, it is also important to bank on our memory skills, as memory in the student age is very strong and gives them more confidence. Still the focus should be on creative learning at the higher secondary school level.

          It is equally important to see that, math’s learning in the class room is connected to real life situations. For example, geometry measurements should be related to big shapes and designs, like construction of houses, turbines, parks, dam’s, bridges etc. A student should be informed that if the sizes are not measured properly, it’s not the answer which will go wrong, but crores of investment in the real world.

          This way of teaching all concepts in mathematics will make the student more responsible and also give him direction to assess by himself as to what he is good at in his career options in his future life.

          Also, it is just not enough to enter into a particular subject at the higher secondary level, without having a proper aptitude. So mathematics at this level is just not a competition and pride comparing with others, instead it should be a real passion which makes him to perform better.



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