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Higher Secondary School level preparation strategies for- Science-1


          At higher secondary levels, schools should focus more on specialization. At least in one area a student should be made to do a project, with hypothesis, experiments, observation, testing, suggestions and recommendations. For example, he should be asked to know what is sun light, why is it essential, what is disturbing the ozone layer, what are its, effects, how to protect the ozone layer.

          What is deforestation, why should we turn towards, reforestation? These aspects will first initiate a perfect social responsibility and allow every student to protect and safe guard the nature and its resources.

          It is not important to dissect a frog and find out what are the parts of a frogs body. It is very important to find out how smoking can get injurious to health. it is also important to let the student realize what are the consequences in having unhealthy relations with the opposite sex. How an unhygienic food or a fast food adversely affects a healthy body? This will enable proper eating joints and discourage road side eateries.

          Science teaching at the higher secondary and college levels is omitting the most important aspects which are a prerequisite for a healthy and hygienic living in the society. Here we should definitely stress that the society does not need only scientists, research scholars, or only professionals, we also need normal people with scientific temperament to do their bit to the society. Sometimes, too much know-ledge will not allow us to focus on certain areas. It is important to take a problem passionately and go to the end of finding a solution.

          A student at the higher secondary level should be allowed to specialize in a skill development. This should allow him to take a project or work for an NGO to safe guard the interests of the society. This kind of education will surely allow a student to concentrate on talents and skills rather than just a degree. This kind of education will discourage the feeling that one needs to have a degree to become employable. Every student at the higher secondary level should be equipped with sufficient skills and talents to say that he is capable of helping the society along with securing a suitable job.

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