Need of the hour -43

Scientific way towards science


          There is no option whether to take science or no at our secondary level education. So develop interest in science learning as, basic science knowledge is very essential to lead a healthy life in this world.

          Students! Always remember, science is not in the laboratory experiments alone, they are in your human surroundings. As a student passionately become conscious of this, you will educate the entire family and make them more responsible.

          Knowledge in science should be turned skillfully towards life sciences, environmental sciences and social sciences. This can help you in becoming a responsible citizen. Protecting nature is a common responsibility of all of us. If we learn science with this thought, we can make a difference in the society. We can make every individual around us liable for their doings. As a student focus and try to,

  • Learn, what happens if the dirt is stinking on the roads?
  • Learn the importance of hygiene
  • Learn why your body should always be kept clean
  • What is the role of pesticides; grow more, fertilizers in the agricultural farming
  • How much of these pesticides should be used for increasing the yield in the crops
  • What is the damage when these pesticides are used in excess quantities?

          Also learn science in such a way that from secondary level you understand the importance of exercises, body posture, and how to remain active and keep your body fit and healthy. As a student gain such knowledge at the school level which will help you in various ways, such as,

  • How to appreciate and preserve the environment
  • How your knowledge of scientific temperament can be used in real life situations
  • How to use your logical thinking to convince people to come out of myths and superstitions
  • How to make visible and significant differences with your knowledge in this society

          If you make yourself clear of all these, you can educate this society.  Your approach towards science learning should be transformed in such a way, that by the end of your secondary school education, you can become a responsible and a conscious citizen.



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