Need of the hour -38

Science teaches sense of well being


          Science has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Science conscious citizens can help the world to avoid major upcoming problems. In the primary level science should be taught in such way to create enthusiasm. Scientific temperament should be created at a very early age.

          What is sky, sun, space, earth, stars and nature should be focused in the primary schooling. Slowly, we can move towards, why the flowers blossoms, what is rainfall, why is sun hot, what happens if there is no crop should be made clear to the children. Next, we need to help them understand heat, pollution, and littering, spitting, hygiene and so on.  A child should be taught not to litter in the open. If these areas are focused at this stage, the problems of society can be addressed at the secondary and higher secondary levels. If this mindset is tuned from the primary level, I think we need not see on more Covid-19 in our lives.

          Also, we should highlight on what is the slogan stop the drop? Why resources should be used sparingly. What happens if there is no crop and agriculture? What happens if air is polluted? What happens if birds and animals are extinguished from this earth? Why do natural calamities occur? What is the effect of noise pollution on the nature?

          We don’t adhere or follow the highest principles taught by the greatest religions of the world. But we will surely accept the truth and rightful thinking taught with a logical reasoning.  After all, there won’t be anyone, who can deny a child who is preaching the righteousness with his innocent wisdom. Science should be approached beyond all community barriers and it has to start at the primary stage of schooling. The lessons from grade I to grade V should only focus on environmental science, which trains a young mind in the right direction. His thinking beyond class room and books will enable him to apply and learn effortlessly. His answer to every scientific question becomes so obvious, that a child only has to use his mind for thinking and not for rote learning. This will create a new enthusiasm in the young minds towards science subjects.



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