New Year 2020!

-Satyavani Kakarla

Resolutions! Reflections! Visions!

2020, here we come!

Its already the time of the year, the reckoning time, be it the end of a passing year or the beginning of a new.

Days, weeks, months, years, decades pass away as we keep watching. We cannot catch them, but sure we make some memories out of them.

New Year season! Hmmm, aren’t we glad we have such questioning moments like this at least once a year to pause momentarily, gather ourselves, process and get a perspective of so called ‘Time’.

We make promises to ourselves and others, few get fulfilled to some extent and some not, as we emerge into the future. How much of a free-will we can foster to make things happen to our wishes?

As we question, what are we becoming, just ‘doing bodies’ or real ‘beings’; sensible feeling filled beings, so called human race we belong to who have access to the force to make things happen on planet Earth…

What re-solutions are you working on? Leaning back on what Reflections?

What visions are you envisioning?

Wishing all a happy, peaceful, prosperous New Year and Decade 2020, may it be a perfect harmonious visionary year!


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