Nature Photography Day!

-Satyavani Kakarla

It was June 15th, a day called on us to celebrate and remind many things and it should, which we would otherwise take it for granted. One of the eventful reminders among others was coined Nature Photography Day; to reminisce and bring to awareness.

Speaking of Nature around (will come to nature within, the inner nature in a bit), I just for the sake, stepped out on a long drive with my hubby for the day, after being self-quarantined for weeks, following Covid precautions for sure to step outdoors. 

We stayed for the most part in the car, cooped inside glimpsing and savoring nature outside on the drive, and only stepped out few minutes to get fresh air here and there.

A very pleasant and memorable day it turned out with beautiful breathtaking scenic sights to cherish for a long time. The hilly landscapes, oceanfront sand dunes, cypress trees and other scrubs filling the lands, scene of cows grazing vast summer dry grasslands and the list goes on. 

To supplement the Pacific Ocean borders, there was a scene of water inlets from the ocean forming large bays and creating their own internal natural creative landscape art works, at times a mimic nature scapes and addons with all new supplementing unique formations enthralled our eyes and filled our day.

Speaking of a flower in the vast nature bounty, which stood out that day for me, a special and favorite it has become past years was Milk thistle, Silybum, from the family of asteraceae, 32,000 species in varieties of its kind around the world. There are plenty that grow nearby in our neighborhood as well; found this shrub nestled by the roadside in the Marin uplands overlooking the Tomales Bay, north of San Francisco on our way back .
These small poky bright magenta pink flower plants stand out in the vastness around in several parts of the earth, noticed them on lands during UK trips, Scottish highlands and elsewhere too.

These always put me into contemplative thoughts, and deep philosophical meanderings, on nature, its purpose and its forms. Plants like this sometimes grow like a weed or gets planted by humans in certain regions, a medicinal shrub, the medicinal extract used widely for its benefits.
Does it know it is serving a purpose? Should it?

Coming to the nature of us humans, we generally speak, of nature within, what is that definition and meaning of nature?

We humans, claiming holier than thou and greatness of myriad sorts of nature of expressions; the basic or inherent features of something; seen as a characteristic individual, trodding the globe, social media, rooting ourselves where ever we want, do we know our purpose? Who is validating who?

What do you say?


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