Telugu As A Computational Language

-Dr Geeta Madhavi Kala

Telugu emerging as a computer language among the many languages from the last decade is very prominent and a noticeable fact that everyone should know. In view of the importance of it increasing through social media and smartphone, I feel interesting aspects behind the computerization of Telugu is to be shared with friends and this is a small attempt I am coming up to you all.

I feel it bliss to be born in the 21st century where the computers progressively reached the new generations. I am the representative of the old and new generations since I have been a part of the long journey from the manual typewriter world to the computer world. From my childhood, I am interested in various languages and scripts and from the 90s my education was twofold with the language and literature of Telugu. My doctorate in Telugu language and as an eternal learner, which brought me to the stature of an expert professional working with the reputed corporate companies encourage me that I should share my experiences about my life’s journey with “Telugu language and computerization”.

From next month I will be penning down these essays in Neccheli.  I believe it will be interesting not only to the language-lovers and working professionals in Telugu but also to the aspiring students who want to establish a career in the same field.


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