Telugu As A Computational Language

Intro- System of Computers

-Dr Geeta Madhavi Kala

In 1991-92 the Telugu language came into use on computers. Until then, English was the first medium of all technologies, and in the computer field, English had to be matched. These are the days when the WWW (World Wide Web) was introduced to the new world. “World wide knowledge of computers is called World Wide Web’. The World Wide Web is the most accessible service on the Internet,  where websites, blogs and many more pages available.”


Desktop laptops, personal laptops, tablets, and above all, smartphones are the biggest changes over the last decade.


Especially enormous wave by Smartphones changed the field of communication.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which have evolved along with it to a record level of communication among people. Nowadays, when technology becomes available to the majority of people, regional languages ​​are in demand because of this. 


Because of the importance of texting, and supply follows demand, so the first immediate need nowadays is to become handy on keyboard or typing tool.Another step forward is the emergence of technology that is able to work with voice assistant (May be it can called as “MATAMARA” in Telugu).


The main reason for Tech giants around the world like Google, Apple, Amazon and MicroSoft

who are focusing on Telugu language because of the increasing number of Telugu users and the increasing number of Telugu users.


“Nowadays, there are no things we can do with computers. If we stop computers, modern society stops. There is no railway reservation without computers, no planes, no rockets, no money in the bank, no cars, no factories, no telephones, and finally some surgery without computer assistance.”  


We have relied on the computer system and there is no exaggeration in terms of Telugu language tools. 


Internet has brought a revolution in the field of communications. It has been expanding as a communication tool for the past two decades. Especially the use of Telugu on the Internet has increased worldwide over the last 10 years. Telugu sites, portals, e-magazines, blogs and apps have increased significantly.


Websites, videos and blogs that bring computer knowledge to Telugu is a great evolution of the last decade.


For those who are mostly unfamiliar with what the computer system is and how it works let’s see here.


“Computer is a machine that can operate itself and be connected to the Internet”


It took many years for many of us to understand what the computer really for. But nowadays, computer usage is becoming more common.


A personal computer has a screen, a keyboard and A mouse as an integral part of the keyboard.


Keyboard to type things, mouse to scroll through pages, screen to show things, a mike and a speaker that are integral parts. Additionally a camera for photos and video chats.


These are components on all devices, such as desktops, laptops, tabs and smartphones. On some are visible and not visible on some, is the difference. Smart phone is not just a regular phone, it can do almost everything that computers can do.


Aside from these hardware components, there are enormous things that run with the invisible software (which made hardware work). 


Once upon a time computer was a machine layed in one place. There was no need for the common man except for programmers who can work with it. Maximum use of the computer was to keep the photos and typed document files safe. 


When the computer was connected to the Internet and the network has started, the use of computers has changed since then. The great change was to connect and work with the outside world or with another machine.


It made easy for computer users to share information with others easily and quickly.

For example, we use a computer / smartphone to take photos, hide and share them immediately. Send and receive through email , share information with others on social media platforms, print out content on blogs, websites, e-magazines, listening to online radio and podcasts, watch content on online channels, youtube, and buying and selling goods, what not  

The entire world system is revolving around Computer system.


As the computer system and its users increased, everyone’s focus was on this. In order to increase the flexibility and convenience of revolutionizing the computer system, new models are being developed and new things are rapidly becoming available.

Internet is called “ANTHARJALAM” in Telugu. To say the least, InternetTech is a network that connects all computers or Internet networks around the world. Computers in this system communicate with each other. Communications are shared regardless of distance. With all the networks in the world, the communication process allows millions of people to stay connected at once. Not only individuals and corporations, governance can also be done from one place through the Internet.


Fast Internet has now become a mainstay in this fast paced world.

However, it is still available to the public and many companies around the world are making efforts to make it cheaper.



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