Synchronicity Moments…

-Satyavani Kakarla

Synchronicity Moments; What are they? How do they show up in our life and timeline? What do they mean to you?

Everyone of us experiences those moments, some call them ‘synchronicity’, some call them ‘by chance’ and ‘coincidence’. 

Some folks are intuitively more aware of such moments, make meaning from them, some just ignore most of the time. 

I am one among some, pay attention, it means something, believe in some connectivity to who I am, where I have come from and where I am going. 

Hoarding several such moments as stories, wanted to share one of my most recent Synchronicity moment – it is because, I cannot imagine for such incidents to happen just like that. There must be a secret plan laid out in the Universe for instances happening and people crossing paths; the when, where and who intercepts is a mystery!

It was an inspiring day resonating with legendary energies!

Had an opportunity to participate in the Gandhi-King Global Initiative (GKGI) Conference, @ Stanford University – ” The Uplift of All : Gandhi, King, and the Global Struggle for Freedom and Justice, celebrating Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Birth Anniversary, Martin Luther King’s, Cezar Chavez’s and several other’s contributions to the society in freedom struggle and upliftment of people and communities… “. 

Was fortunate to be so up-close, resonating and listening to the stories told by grandchildren and families of the legends themselves and other active community folks, who participated in their own causes locally and globally.
Shook hands and was able to take selfies with Mahatma’s grandchildren children – Prof. Raj Mohan Gandhi & Smt. Ela Gandhi and several others who made and are still making a big difference tirelessly to this day in their contributions to the global communities.

At the end of the day, back home unwinding and savoring the powered synergies from the day’s activities, all I could think of and pondered on was, what made me meet such legends so close-up and what difference and impact the event has on the making of all our tomorrows… 

What are your Synchronicity moments? What stories are you telling yourself and sharing with others?



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