MAHABALIPURAM (History at the shore)


Mahabalipuram,is situated on the coromandel coast 58 kms to the south Chennai,this place has kept alive the ancient art of stone-masons and sculptors. Mahabalipuram is also called as mamallapuram derives its name from 7th century ruler Narasimhavarman I “Mamallan”. It is one of the oldest cities in India. Now know for its monoliths,stone carvings and temples.

It is a place with a combination of ocean,sand and ancient architectures.While seeing the monuments I wondered how artisans were able to create such masterpieces where there was no 3D-softwares, perfect perspectives and proportions.

The good architecture is one which can be experienced, by our five senses  rather than just “seeing it” with eyes.

Moving through the structure, touching and feeling the rich ornamentation with the tips of the fingers, the whole atmosphere engulfed in an ancient smell with the rocks making a sound unique to them as one makes his footsteps, this symphony in rock does indeed provide a wholesome experience, that is almost spiritual in nature.i don’t think architecture is about a very simple should be able to excite you, clam you  and make you think.

This is one of my beautiful experiences at world heritage site Mahabalipuram.

These pictures are clicked at Pancha Rathas in Mahabalipuram (Tamil nadu).


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