My America Tour -1

Telugu Original : Avula Gopala Krishna Murty (AGK)

English Translation: Komala Venigalla

          Avula Gopalakrishna Murthy (AGK) a Humanist, an orator, a famous lawyer and a writer gives us a critical appreciation of America and its people. 

          AGK`s tour is significantly different and praiseworthy when compared to other people was visited that country  and returned home.

          AGK saw America from various angles. He tells us the similarities and differences between us and the Americans in various fields of life. 

          Each chapter in itself is the highlight of  his observations, each one an essay in content with his erudite comments about what he saw and felt. 

          Hence this book is content oriented where from  the poets find inspiration, the socialists get social matters and the democrats derive thoughtful incentives.  


Publisher’s note



          The first of June 1963  happened to be  very significant in my life . Our daughter Jayasree was getting married that day. It was our  (Hemalatha and myself) 25th wedding anniversary.  A third surprising and happy event, took place the same day. I got a letter through B.S.R. Krishna from the American government inviting me to tour their country for two months. 

          I set out on my tour on 13th August and left India on 15th .I came back on 3rd Nov winding up my American tour. Many friends were apprehensive about 13th date, 8th month and 3rd, for them they were not auspicious dates.  But they were sure that I did not share their fears. But they were all happy and relieved when I returned home safely. 

          I spent sixty days in America, eleven in England and four each in Holland, Germany and France.In each of the countries  I met people of varied culture while observing the differences,  feeling the new experience.

          Knowing about my trip several friends and various organizations invited me to their places and felicitated me. They came out with some suggestions, advice and aspirations. They asked me to take full advantage of my trip. I realized their expectations. 

          I had new experiences everywhere I went without changing myself in any way. 

          After I returned from tour I had to travel to various places in several districts sharing my experiences, observations and their influences on me while in America with people who gathered enthusiastically to listen to me. They  were delighted to hear about the people I met, places I visited and the organizations I was invited to. They posed some questions and my answers cleared their doubts. The people`s response in these meetings and their enthusiasm prompted me later to bring out this small book regarding my experiences, feelings and ideas- the outcome of my tour. 

          I was still in America when a rumor was circulated in Andhra that I  made some untoward remarks in a meeting organized by the lawyers` association. It was spread like wildfire and some went even to the extent of demanding that I should be called back. Their ignorant remarks ignited many favorable  responses  towards me from various sources  and even newspapers  stood by me. All that became my strength. 

          The people of Andhra whether they knew me or not followed my tour closely and I am thankful to each and every individual for their indirect support to me. 

          I thank all my friends who invited me and honored me whole heartedly before and after my tour 

          I cannot mention all their names here individually though.

          My tour was an eye-opener to me. Prior to that I read about those countries and the people of  the outside world. But seeing all that personally was altogether a different experience. 

          I saw the difference between gathering, knowledge through books and seeing those wonderful places and meeting people personally. Mine was  an enriching experience which I could bring out in a book form .I hope that readers will surely appreciate and enjoy it. Encouragement of my friends is behind my effort though late.



-Gopalakrishna Murthy


(to be continued…)

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