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Morro Bay – Big Sur

Telugu Original : Dr K.Geeta 

English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar

          Though we have been revolving around the “Morro Rock” since morning, looking at the sights here and there, we still feel chased by some indescribable pleasure all along the Bay! We rowed a boat in the serene waters on the left side of the mountain and played in the sand. The morning we spent exploring the downtown sights was a great and pleasant experience. After lunch, we reached the other side of the mountain.

          On the other side, the sea shore we saw in the morning is quite different from the one now, which is roaring with violent waves and foaming. Children, not waiting a minute, ran towards the waves as soon as they got out of the car. The undulating stillness may appeal to adults, but not to children. I think there is something about the waving of hands in the moving waves that attracts them. They always run towards the waves, and when the waves hit back, they run away with fear of the water! The beach was already full of people enjoying the fine, soft, warm, white sand.

          There was no time limit for the children as we had already decided to spend that evening at the beach until we saw the evening light and the sunset. We spread a blanket on the shore and rested peacefully. Satya is endlessly playing in the water with the children. The sky is shining brightly above us, the rhythmic music of the sea reaches our ears, the children frolic around, and the warm sand cushions our rested bodies; I forgot the world for an hour and slept soundly.

          When I woke up, the children were coming towards me like wet-soaked sparrows, tumbling in the sand, and running to their father in the water to get rid of the sand. Perhaps Siri seemed totally exhausted and very tired. She came to me, squatted in the sand, pulled my legs, and made nests with wet sand.

          That evening at “Morro Bay,” where the sea, sky, and mountain compete in giving us a great deal of joy, ranks first among all the coastal areas I have seen so far.

          In the season we went, dusk started at 7 o’clock. We left at six o’clock to see the beautiful view of Morro Bay closer than the previous day. We traveled 3 to 4 miles from there to Cayucos again.

          When we were about to leave, many people like us came to see the beauty of the dusk. We couldn’t find car parking, so we parked the car on the side of the road in one place. But there was no way to leave it there. Keeping the children in the car, both of us went one after the other for a few minutes and came back. Then, we all ran back at full dusk. Watching the sunset from there is a beautiful and incredible memory. The sun was running like a child, dipping down into the sea where all of us visitors are very eager to spend as much time as possible. The mountain beckons us from above the earth as a supreme testimony to the inexhaustible fervor of the setting sun every evening.

          It’s not easy to find an Indian restaurant nearby, as they are few and far between. For dinner, the children preferred roti and paneer butter masala. After a delightful meal and cherishing beautiful moments from morning till evening, we started our journey back. The cold air hit the car windows as we drove on.

          The next morning marked the beginning of our return journey. Sitting there silently, I felt the heaviness of bidding farewell to a place that had captured my heart. The kids, who knew me well, remained quiet, waiting for my readiness to leave. Satya came to me with a bright idea, “I have a great way to make you feel better and shake off that distress. Do you know we can take the coastal road all the way back?” It was a splendid idea, as the coastal road we had passed the evening before left us with a lasting memory.

          To witness the beauty of the sea coast on our way back, we followed Highway One. Passing through Cayucos, Cambria, Hearst Castle, Unsan Simeon, Ragged Point, and Lucas, we finally reached “Big Sur.” At Ragged Point, there was a walkway offering a breathtaking view of the sea from a high vantage point. It was an invigorating walk, breathing in the pleasant sea breeze. However, it was quite a challenge to keep up with energetic Siri, who raced ahead like a rocket.

          The journey through Big Sur was on a steep, winding road on the hills. At one of the turns, we stopped at a charming hillside restaurant for lunch. Sitting by the glass window, at the end of the hill, we savored our meal while gazing at the blue sea stretching as far as the eye could see.

          From the moment we turned towards Big Sur, we were mesmerized by the waves crashing through the trees, reaching for the sky on the visible mountainous areas at every turn. Big Sur, located on California’s central coast, was not only famous for its sea-plunging waterfall but also the dense jungle above the coast, making it a great attraction for visitors. Nature lovers found this place to be a must-see. The name “Big Sur” originated from the Spanish word for “Big South.” The “McVey” waterfall cascaded into the sea, creating a splendid sight for visitors. However, reaching the falls required parking the car on the side of the road and taking a long walk, as there was no proper pathway.

          Continuing our drive, we reached the beautiful “Bisbee Creek Bridge,” connecting two hills. A pathway led to the beach below, offering another scenic view. In fact, every place along the coastal road from Morro Bay was worth seeing, each with its unique beauty.

          It’s no exaggeration to say that famous writers of the 20th century, like Robinson Jeffers and Henry Miller, were enthralled by the natural beauty of Big Sur and made it their permanent home.

          As dusk approached that day, we reached our final stop at Carmel Beach, playing on the soft sand once more, gazing at the twilight lights. We finally arrived home at ten o’clock at night. What more can I say, except that the hidden beauty of the sea coast continues to move in waves within my dreams!


(to be continued…)

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