Daughter – A bridge 

-Dr. C. Bhavani Devi 

Translation -swatee Sripada 


No one produces a daughter willingly 

They take life from an illusion 

Of producing a son 


Daughters are always the bridges

Throughout the country 

From small villages to huge cities 

Between everyone in families 

Daughters are the bridges 


Who cares the streams within them?

Who pays attention to the innovative bridges?

Carrying the overburdened oceans 

On their heads at every occasion 


They quiver in the gloomy superstitions 

In the veils of reforms 

tremble a lot and shiver 

how many knew 

that their entire conflict lies 

in becoming bridges? 


As Seriousness of a deep river, 

A life of oceanic ebbs and tides 

No daughter ponders to stand as a bridge 

But this is a crucified foundation of generations together 

It’s a pain of soul that hurts every experience 


Bridges could not complain 


They never come into the world on their own 

From the illusion of a son being born 

They take birth 


Knotting the distances between 

Mother, father and brothers 

Burying themselves in deep kinships 

Tethering the independent dreams 

To the poles of responsibilities 

How long will the bridges survive?


To the rush of suddenly drenching resplendency 

 Yielding on someday is a must 


Daughters never germinate 

From the illusion of a son being born

Nowhere they appear as bridges 

They start flowing as streams of rivers. 


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