Unconditional love of Meera Bai   


This is a picture of Meera bai showcase with her musical instrument ektara. 

         As everyone knows she is well known as mystic poet and devotee of Lord sri krishna but she is also known as an incarnation of Radha (from Mahabharata). She is just an ordinary girl,who left all her status,royal name and wealthy life for the sake of Lord sri krishna. Her love towards lord sri krishna is unconditional love. Where it cannot be described or explained.people defined her love in different ways but no one knows her invisible life,pain and madness for Lord sri krishna.

        She only believed the person who wears peacock-crown as her husband and spent her life dancing and travelling from one village to another village singing to her beloved sri krishna frequently lose awareness of world,entering into states of trance.

        Meera bhai sang her love for krishna with simplicity and directness in her songs. with her ektara(musical instrument). The music and songs she sang gave wings to mind, flight to the imagination for people. Her poetry and songs are so beautiful that even the mughal emperor akbar loved her keerthanas.

       She is one of the women poets of history who lead her independent devotional life.



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