Its okay to cry sometimes…..


I was busy cleaning my camera lens and exploring the camera settings meanwhile my mother’s friend came to our home to babysit her daughter for sometime as she has some work to do. The little girl of 8 months never stays a moment without her mother. As soon as her mother left her near us she starting crying for her mother.we tried many ways to stop her from crying. Then my mother took her near the window to show her the cars passing by the road. I randomly captured that moment where she was catching the drill of window and crying

    Everything happens for a reason give time to yourself, feel the pain.It’s okay to cry sometimes when your in pain.Air feels wonderful after the rain same as crying It’s just like a thunderstorm for soul.

     Scientifically people who cry are actually stronger because they can let go of the pain through tears and keep them mentally grounded.

   Cry as hard you can but make sure you never cry for the same reason again.wipe your tears and tell yourself that life must go on. Everybody has flaws,nobody is perfect.stop holding on what hurts you and make room for what makes you feel happy and alive.


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