life is a game. Money is how we keep the score.what if that score has no value?

    I have strange attraction and weakness for old coins. I have a small fortune from all the coins that I have collected from my childhood,collecting these makes me happy.I found these coins in different  places. I got one coin near ocean and two coins while I was cleaning the house and few where given by my grandpa and these coins are mostly paisa and half paisa and few were called as ‘charana’,’attana’ and ‘barana’.my grandfather told me the value of these coins in brief as 1 rupee is equal to 100 paise,50 paise is half a rupee known as ‘aath anna’ and 25 paise is half a 50 paise known as ‘charana’.

I’ve heard some old stories from my grandfather in his childhood days he used to work for a whole month to earn just 5 rupees in those days.that 5 rupees has got so much value that they could use that 5 rupees for their one month survival on basic time changed the value of money!

Now we are in this generation were we cant even survive a day with 100 rupees.

Many people told me to sell these coins online as they have high demand but I never had a thought of selling them because these coins are once a basic need for people and has a mysterious past but travelling from many hands these coins got rested near me in a box with no value.

The hobby of collecting old rusted coins makes me feel like I own some treasure so I would never stop collecting them.

Above is a picture of my old rusted coins which I have collected from my childhood.


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