Pure soul


I was 15-year old stubborn use to go to school and think about returning home and play with Strepsy. the moment I return home that happy eyes, fast-moving tail and that excitement are always a boost. I wonder how can a four-leg little creature bring happiness in a house.its, not even my dog. it’s my neighbour’s dog.its name is strepsy.

           strepsy always use to be my hero.it use to wonder and bark at birds, insects…etc.it uses to always tore my slippers with its sharp blunt teeth and pretend to be innocent as if it doesn’t did it.it use to understand the language we speak and sometimes also get angry and ignore food to let us know its angry. such a little creature with innocent heart.it has a habit of getting into the fight with street dogs whenever I take it for a walk, but we used to always there to back off other dogs, but unfortunately one day when we were not there, it went into the fight with other street dogs and lost its life. Dogs only care for people who truly love them.

this little creature in the above photo is also a pure soul which reminds me of my old dog,which is unconditional.


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