Power of Tribe!

Satyavani Kakarla

Satsangam! Power of Tribe! Sanaatana Dharma!
Power of Our Ancient Wisdom, Scriptures and Practices!
The Energy and Synergy of like-minded people Groups!

Thinking of our great Gurus like Sri. Adi Shankaraacharya, a recent episode of experience led me to reminisce a special serendipity moment from a past event…

I happened to attend Dreamforce, a Salesforce conference in San Francisco couple of years ago. Although the event lasted for 4 days I had time to go just for one day.
Soon after registering, before the packed schedule day began, I walked around the area of the conference which spread many buildings across and filled with loads of events all day and across places. One has to diligently choose and plan around the big event.

As I was exploring, I spotted a lady from a distance, who was very cheerful and she had some radiant energy that was glowing from her; started a conversation, the usual me, and she said that she was waiting for the Monks to start an event.
I looked around and saw a group of Monks, and few people gathered around them. The Lead Monk was going to conduct a Walking Meditation: Bringing Mindfulness into Daily Life.
I walked towards them, they had formed a Circle; checked out that the session was going to be outdoors for 45 minutes walking in silence. Although I was very much drawn to the group event, I had a Keynote event to attend which I planned not miss in a nearby building.

To make the most of it, I quickly designed my own technique of meditation practice. Decided to a standing 2 minute meditation to honor myself and the Monks and as the lead Monk started his introduction, quietly listening to him walked out of the circle that was formed, quickly clicked few photos for a memory treasure, and as they started the Walk in the direction of the building I was heading to my surprise, I walked with them for 2 Minutes and then slowly I walked ahead of them, committing myself to continue on my own quiet contemplative walk until I reached the Keynote venue.
The Keynote was wonderful, along with Luis Fonsi’s live Despacito performance, tapped my legs to his music (not the dance moves…☺️) and went on with the day…

The day went very well, it was all invigorating with information, inspiration and creativity with sparking new ideas and methods for conducting business of all sorts.

As the event was coming to a close towards the evening, I decided to finish the long day after that loads of knowledge and information on the advancements happening around the computing world with another keynote: Art, Activism and Impact as part of Equality Summit.

Right after the session concluded I gathered myself and my stuff slowly and with a big sigh of excitement for the future ahead, crammed with tiredness I started walking towards the exit isle, hmmm… and then to my utter surprise, I bumped into the Big Guy – Marc Benioff himself, the leader, founder, chairman, CEO of the Salesforce.
I was totally stunned and froze a bit and quickly came to senses. After a bit of pause, reached out to my phone as I saw more people were gathering around him. Quickly requested his escort for a picture and then slowly creeped closer to the VIP, he was very gracious enough to be in a quick selfie, greeted me and shook hands with that power smile.

As I walked away from the conference towards the train station to head home, I couldn’t but wonder how the event day proceeded and unveiled.
I walk with monks at the start of the day, and ended the day with a handshake and selfie with the leader himself, Marc Benioff.
I came home and browsing the Google for the mystery of the day, as I strongly believed there was some extraordinary aspect to it, came to know that Marc follows the Monks, their Practice, and he hosts them at his house and they are all a Satsanga Group.

So, I inferred that – I was only a part and participated for a brief moment of a day, in that energy field and synergy of the tribe, the Satsanga.
We always work in “the field” – of self, faculties of our inner self, in people groups, cross functional groups, all for a greater good, walking towards goals meant to be created.
I believe in the Power of Satsangam!

How about you? 


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