Sometimes I wander around seeing children, how lucky they are with no worries to worry about.when i was a kid i still remember playing with my friends, doing my daily school homework,little gossip,cycling,going to school trips all was fun and happy days. Now this generation in a city where i live are of children with no time to play. Where they are addicted to the digital world and having a robotic life where they should carry heavy bags and go to tuitions and repeat daily.

Seeing this child in the picture of age 2 years reminded me of my childhood playing with street dogs.This little naughty boy cried after the picture was clicked because her mother forced him to leave the dog.

I am so happy that i captured that moment where this kid is happy staying with the dog and sure he will be so happy when i show him this picture after ages.

“Our childhood never returns but stays as memories which can be preserved in form of pictures”


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