Corona Disease


This picture is clicked at “Tankbund”  where no one is aware of this virus in India. The “Disaster force” of Hyderabad spraying diluted hydrogen peroxide.

As we all know this is an infectious disease caused by a new virus(COVID-19). Every country now is fighting against this pandemic.

As India has a population of billion people it is a critical situation to face by India, Lockdown has been announced and strict rules are passed by the government as the number of Coronavirus cases in India continues to rise. India is fighting against this pandemic. Meanwhile this lead to a new change in India where there are no robbery cases, no harassments, no accidents, no political issues and the shift from machine to humans happened businessman stayed home, employees started work from home,children has got free from books,people got time to spend with families,stars in the city are been seen clearly as there is no pollution and also can see many different birds chirping and flying around as there is no sound pollution.

Though many small problems came up, they are being solved. The main problem came up with the homeless people and dogs on streets with no food. But immediate action is taken by people where Many actors,politicians and youth joined together and helped these people with basic needs and also the government provided shelters for them. Everything has been changed. This is a revolution where everyone remembers this situation where all together fight this pandemic.

Everything will be normal again.



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