A story of Green Mango


The above picture is  Flat Laid photography of raw-mango dusted with Chilli and salt.

Ever since I was little I am a huge fan girl of raw mangoes. I was an innocent kid who used to play on the roads and return home late after school. My life as a kid was so confusing,I am a girl who waits 8 months to eat raw mangoes which is a typical Indian thing as we wait for mango season.

Our school has one big mango tree where we can see mangoes all over the tree but we students have that strict rule not allowed to pluck them But We use to act like playing and search for mangoes that have fallen on the ground but I am never lucky as I get no mangoes to eat mangoes but the alternative to eat mangoes is, if we have money, watchman uncle(Bosuayya) use to sell us One mango for 5 rupees.I was the one who eats raw mangoes late because my mother told me eating mangoes before Ugadi is a sin as first we must keep prasadam for god then we must eat but my curiosity to eat mangoes started thrived.

One day i finally decided to eat raw mangoes before Ugadi. So,Secretly i took 5 rupees from my piggy bank and kept  in front pocket of my bag and slept that night dreaming of mangoes and the next day after the end school bell, I rushed to Bosuayya uncle to buy a mango, Opened my bag zip to take the money out but i found no money in my bag pocket,searched the whole bag i was about to cry when i got to know i lost my money, Still I told Bosuayya uncle to keep one mango aside for me and said i will pay him the money tomorrow and with whole regrets I went home and searched my whole bag again and Then as a superstitious kid I thought god didn’t want me to eat mango before Ugadi so that’s the reason he took my money from my bag and cried praying god saying sorry.

The next day I went to school as usual in the evening Bosuayya uncle came to me and asked do you want a mango which is kept aside for you?….i said I have no money and also i should not eat it before Ugadi and told the whole thing then uncle laughed loud at me and said me “This tree was planted by me and these fruits are a gift from god It’s nothing wrong eating a mango before Ugadi”, again laughing he said this mango is free for you and kept it in my hand. I felt so happy seeing that big green mango in my hand. I Went home rushing that day to eat my mango But the problem is no one should see me eating, else my mother will scold me. So I secretly went on to Building terrace cut raw mango dusted with chill and salt with full mouth watering ate the whole mango.So that’s my funny experience eating raw mango before Ugadi and now I feel so silly thinking of this past story.

I am forever a girl who loves raw mangoes.


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