-Lakshmi Devaraj


I am a mother……..

Taller than you, sometimes you may feel as if I am touching the sky,

But I am ready to bow down to you any time you want.

I am stronger than you, may be more than 100 times in your weight ,

But ready to be broken down into pieces if you wish to.

And my existence is deeper than your imagination,

Which sometimes you cannot see with your naked eyes,

But I am ready to shed tears for you,

To see your blinking eyes with  happiness.

I am a mother and  of course I am greedier than you.

I came here before you but want to stay here even after you.

And yes for sure you cannot encounter my greed.

I want to breath in the toxic air and pollution,

 and give a fresh life to your children on a daily basis.

I want to burn myself and make food for your great grandchildren.

And yes I want to give shelter and keep your loved ones safe for many more years.

Yes. I am greedy and I  want to stay here forever.

Because  I am a mother,

And yes I am a TREE……



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2 thoughts on “I am a mother”

  1. Nice analogy between a Mother and a Tree. In fact I thought it was an actual mother talking to a child, until halfway through, so well hidden. But I thought the analogy breaks down at “I came here before you and want to stay here even after you” , because no mother would like to live through the death of her children .

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