The Pandemic, 2020

-Satyavani Kakarla

Well, we all know, for once, we all are sailing on the same boat. The boat holding us many together, fighting a virus called corona and Covid disease. Who would have dreamt this would happen? The world changed on us. 

Stalling every movement, topsy-turvying activities on earth of human race, extreme plans and dreams of many smashed, all wonderstruck and in anticipation of what next? Has it questioned our so called progressed and advanced life on earth?

It is the just the beginning, wonder where the ride is taking us.

We are all together fighting an unknown, invisible, an invincible bug for now. What could a tiny germ do, what harm and malice? It is hard to fathom the things it can do. We are seeing the numbers, the increase in excess mortality rates as shown by doctors and data scientists, some families separated and some partly united, kids waiting on adults for a direction in their everyday growth, workforce taking a big toll shifting its operations drastically, loss of jobs, people in hunger, global confusion, illnesses untreated, stresses peaking up every day and who knows where this is going to lead us all and what is yet to come… 

This bug entered our ecosystem, not leaving a region of habitation, it spread around the globe in a matter of weeks and wide spread in months.

On the flip side, we are forced and we should and need to think positive and stay positive.

What is the positive outcome of this crisis? There must be some. Has it really brought families together? What does back @home and back to roots means? What about our basic values, the value and moral education we all learnt back in our schools – integrity, compassion, care, empathy, honesty, courage. How are they being exhibited on demand now?

As we are passing through these phenomenal episodic moments and movement, we all have a lot of homework to do while @home.

Where and how are we finding that spot, the sacred space of calm, peace and allowing grace to flow?

What is this pandemic inspiring us to do?

Let’s stay positive and safe and lets all fight this in ways known and unknown, as we unravel the new phases of each of our lives.

Take care, and stay safe, we are in this together!


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