Macro Photography (Unseen world)


Seeing the beauty of small things invisible to naked is all about macro photography. It is a unique form of photography where the beauty of small creatures are captured through macro lens enlarging the picture.

One day I was cleaning my shelf and found these mobile macro lenses which I had never used.

I have no idea how to use them. Recently i started observing many people posting macro pictures online so then decided to once give it a try and studied online.

Then Took the macro lens and I ventured into our balcony, I found many weird insects and bugs. I am very scared of insects but on the other hand i want to explore them. I noticed one bug staying still on the leaf. I went close to it though I was scared but while observing I am amazed at how beautiful that little creature is when I see through a macro lens. The bug has big eyes continuously moving its two hands, so colourful and beautiful.when on exploring other insects.

Beauty is everywhere,Patterns are everywhere. All we need to do is find a way to see.even the weird insects look beautiful in the macro world. We cannot measure the beauty of the world.this macro photography is a virtual reality where we capture the unseen rare beauty. My camera and I are witnesses.

Above picture is of the bug named “Boxelder” captured with my mobile macro lens.



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