Beauty of Godavari


  The fisherman who knows the beauty of the sunrise is much richer than the wealthy person who sleeps till noon.

    Patience can be learnt only when you stay  a day with a fisherman. He stays the whole day waiting with a fishing rod above the water with no idea what’s on the other side. Imagine a day as a fisherman, with no guarantee of getting a fish and still never gives up.

      This is the picture of India’s second longest river, after the Ganga, known as Godavari. It is a sacred river and worshipped for the goddess Godavari in Hinduism. Hindus bathe in its waters, paying homage to their ancestors and to their gods by cupping the water in their hands, lifting it and letting it fall back into the river; they offer flowers along with kunkuma pasupu and float shallow banana stem with oil and lit as diyas. On the journey back home from the Godavari, they carry small quantities of water with them for use in rituals. Some people traveling by train across the Godavari bridge throw coins into the river to fulfill their wishes. Godavari plays an important role in

Andhra Pradesh, like in dams and reservoirs, use for production of electricity, and irrigation purposes. The main water source in Andhra Pradesh state comes from the Godavari.

     The moment I clicked the picture, I found many happy faces enjoying the beauty of sunset with families and friends. A few were excited to travel by the boats available from pusharghats to papikondalu and bhadrachalam. That place is filled with loads of positivity and happiness. I want to conclude this article with a quote.

“A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure.” -(Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr)


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