Come let us wash the time! 

Dr. Naga padmini 

Translation swatee sripada 


Time …

When says sweet words, 


streamed through me 

And made me polymorphic 

Do you ask how? 

When first introduced 

It stood in front of me

 as if a laugh took the form!

On the sea shore 

With the touch of cold sand 

Took me to the highway of childhood 

Laughing mesmerizingly, it went off the screen. 

Buttering the time 

I wanted to hide 

In childhood play!

Cheating the time 

I wanted to remain cool 

In the streams of Penna!

But time had eyes everywhere!

Even in thick forests 

I’ll greet you -it chuckled 

It brought me with it 

Into the colorful world of youth,

Suddenly it vanished 

To the stretch of my sight everywhere 

Melodious play grounds of the love of god only 

The romantic deeds of love god only 

Cradle songs of kinships only 

Chit-chatting with butterflies 

Enrapturing with moonlight waterfalls

I pleaded that I’ll stay in twenties building a house 

even holding the feet of time 

I planned to go into listlessness by the side of my love 

Time chuckled loudly! It preached mythologies!

It said ask Rama and Krishna about my strength and see 

Even Bhima and Bheeshma can’t stay in front of me, it said 

I was astounded to the skill of its talk 

Becoming a prisoner in the fist of time 

Entered into the count of sixties!

Wherever I listen, the tunes of loneliness 

Wherever I watch strange stories of old age 

On every branch 

matured leaves are anxious for a cool touch!

The strings of flute pictured as philosophy 

What to say, 

I wanted to burn time in my looks 

And wanted to demand what is this vice

If visible as a furious I wanted to swallow it 


Time melted and turned into vapor long back 

Till now 

The time that showed heaven in palm 

In half a second it disappeared 

What to do now? 

Started talks with grey hair 

Arranging a dais for the aged 


To invite time as a special guest. 

And wash it in front of all  

So, I have come to you!

Has anyone seen the time? 

If so 

If you know it 

Give me its cell number  


The driving license information 

Or Adhar card details 

Don’t you provide me please? 


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One thought on “Come let us wash the time! ”

  1. Very deep poem, with a nice touch of humor. Our relationship with the passage of time comes through very beautifully in the poem. Especially like the line “I pleaded I’ll stay in twenties holding the feet of time”

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