An old man and The beginner


I still remember the old man asking his grandson to bring a lighter to light his bidi. And also he lit his bidi and smoked beside his grandson after a while and enjoyed the moment.

This picture is clicked at Antarvedi streets where we went to Antarvedi temple actually on the way by this old man and his grandson has a story to capture and I captured randomly.

We inherit many actions from our elders so what’s wrong with me imagining the child the same as his grandfather after 45 yrs. also, that can be quite true and Yes, it all started here and never ended. This particular soul of the age of 5 or 6 is in a perfect stage of his life with all freedom learning new things and having fun with no knowledge of the world. He is asking some fun kind of questions and his grandfather explaining him with all patience. I was having fun seeing that relation of an Old soul answering the dumb questions of this grandson. Their relation is something that cannot be explained. The grandson’s love for his grandfather and grandfather’s love for his grandson. It’s one of the beautiful moment I witnessed.


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