Beauty of nature


This view is captured at bhongir fort (hyderabad) 

It is an unrated place in telangana as it is located at the outskirts of the city hyderabad many people are not aware of it. We have to trek for about one hour to reach the viewpoint. The path towards the view point is so adventurous as there is no proper way to the view point but the view from the fort is worth the adventure.The fort is untouched by the government for years so the naturality of the fort still appears  the same.

In nature nothing is imperfect, it is all in our eyes to see the beauty. Nature is the combination of elements… the air moves us, fire transforms us, water shapes us, earth heels us. Seek for beauty everywhere you go because this is the only life.let your soul feel alive. sunrises are powerful,mountains are peaceful,clouds are magical and oceans are mysterious. There is an odd deep magic in this nature once you feel it. You’re been arrested by its beauty nourishing your soul. All you need to do is just breathe the fresh air, open yourself to nature and wait.


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