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We are all stuck in the worst ever situation of pandemic. This is the time we need to think wisely and try and see if we can change our mindsets towards everything in life. Adverse situations are learning times….

Ask any child what is your age! They will be very happy to declare their age and add two more years to their original age. Measure their height, they will be proud to lift their feet and show they are taller than what they actually are.  Now! Talk to them in baby language or tone, they give you a weird look.

All this proves to us that children don’t like to be treated as kids. They want to grow up fast. 

So, this is the right age to treat them as equals, give them their responsibility and come to agreement points with them. 

A child responsible at a very young age becomes an asset to the family and society. 

They will not fight on trivial matters and will never enter into the private space of others. 

Let the child enter into agreement points and learn to do various jobs like,

  1. Planning their work- If the child is allowed to plan the day’s work, they will be wise enough to accept which work is more important and which is less important. They will stop being unreasonable. They will also know the importance of resources and value of time. 
  2. Answering phone calls- We are living in an era of communication. Every child is more than smart to answer calls. Just observe if they are able to communicate efficiently! There lies the problem. Children are not trained to talk with courtesies. This is where the parent has to counsel and give them required guidance as to how they should talk to friends, peer group, elders and parents. Occasionally, let children answer the phone calls.  They should be taught to remember the dialogues, communicate and to convey the message properly. With little guidance, Children can be very decent while talking. They do not understand double meanings and they can also help people to talk decently. In fact, a child is a father of the man. So he can help everyone to limit their phone calls which run into long hours.
  3. Deciding what to cook for the day- If children are told what healthy food is and what is junk food, they select healthy food. When they decide the menu, they do not fuss at the dining table. Instead of elders convincing them, they convince themselves. This way, they are sure to feel healthy as they know the importance of diet and focus on their food. 
  4. Discussing Day to day expenses- If kids know the value of money, they will never spend on unwanted things. At times, it is important to tell them how difficult it is to earn money. They will be learning the right way of spending and very easily understand addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and profit and loss. Simply, the essence of maths is learnt with proper knowledge and understanding. 
  5. Right and wrong- Teach them what is right and wrong. Kids learn it for their life time. They will never litter, steal, tell lies, tease or cheat anyone. 

Kids do have perfect memory power, grasping skills, curiosity and will to do and take risks. They like to have a decent dialogue, appreciation and expect that they should be trusted. 

This is quite common with all the kids. In fact, a child’s education starts from his birth. We will be too late, if we start teaching them as they enter the schools. They should be moulded and guided as infants. With proper reasoning and explanation, a child will turn to be a best child, an excellent youth and a responsible citizen. 


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9 thoughts on “Need of the hour -16”

  1. Madam I found your article very insightful. Every parent is of the opinion that children come with a clean slate and you can write anything which you desire for. But I feel that every child comes with the knowledge and understanding of their own as per their cognitive level. As a parent we have given birth to them, that doesn’t give us any right to cut their freedom and try to dictate them and make them live a life of our choice. Instead I am of the opinion that the children should be let free to think, decide and live a life of their choice as it is their life not ours. We should assist them in developing into a wholistc personality with an identity of their own. Only thing what we need to do as a parent is to teach them the limitations not directly but by setting an example.

  2. Beautiful n thoughtfully article jp..yes, minding today’s kids psychology towards the outlook , shld give them space n liberty to Express without any hesitation..Nice article n very useful to administrator them innate right path..Go ahead .awaiting more from u ..

  3. The points in this short article (Need of the hour -16: TREAT KIDS AS ELDERS, FRIENDS OR GROWN UPS by J.P.Bharathi)
    are really the need of the hour. The pandemic made us cocooned in our homes and stuck to our laptops, so cordial & verbal communication has taken a back seat. This must change & as parents, we must facilitate the change

  4. This was a really insightful article, ma’am!
    As Gen-Z, I agree with the points written, it is only because my parents have treated me as an adult, I am confident today in dealing with multiple things. I am grateful for that.

    Thank you for sharing this Bharathi ma’am!

  5. Amazing article maam. I your thoughts inspire and thrive to change the society. Thank you so much for your contributions.

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