My Life Memoirs-25

My Life, Full of Beautiful Memories

-Venigalla Komala  

 Rahul’s Love of Animals

          As a kid, Rahul  loved all kinds of animals. He used to feed neighbor’s horses with apples from our tree and thought that apples were for horses not for humans. If he saw any one eating an apple, he would say “don’t eat, your stomach will hurt as apple is a horsey food.”

          During his summer holidays we used to take him for camel and pony joy rides in Hyderabad. Even after 10 rides, he would be sulking as he couldn’t ride more when the business closed for the night.

          Rahul asked his mother to buy a camel and take it to America with them so that he could ride as much as he wanted. His mother told him that they can’t do so because the rules do not permit. Can you imagine his disappointment after hearing that.

          Chloe was actually brought home on his demand though he does’t do much with her now. Still Chloe loves him a lot.

Naveena Has Shouldered Our Responsibility

          In the month of May 2010, we visited Naveena and family. She invited us saying that we can spend at least two months with them. I hesitated to accept her invitation because of my knee problem and the trouble I gave her during my last visit in the year 2000 due to that problem. But she insisted that I should forget my past experience and come to her happily. Hence I ventured on this trip. Raju and family were here then as he worked for The Washington Post at that time.

          But after coming over here she got our Green Cards renewed, took medical insurance for us and she arranged a stair lift for me as I can’t climb the steps. She made us stay saying that we are aging and she can’t leave us in India to fend for ourselves. That is how I had been coaxed to stay with her. I do worry sometimes that we may cause inconvenience to her by permanently staying with her though we were happy to be with-our children and grand children.

          Naveena arranged for our regular medical check-ups. She got both my eyes operated  for  removal of cataracts. As I have a hearing impairment and mild tinnitus problems she bought me very expensive hearing aids. Our life is going on comfortably with Naveena’s loving care and grand children’s loving attention to our needs. She had taken a big risk in deciding to care about us in our old age. I hope and fervently wish that we should not vex her with our old age problems.

          Let me tell you about our daughter the way I feel about her. She is loving, caring, kind and considerate to us in every aspect. She goes out of the way to help people in need and thus sometimes foregoes her comfort and rest in that process. She puts others’ needs in front of hers.

          She is very busy with family and professional responsibilities all the time, yet she maintains a pleasant disposition and thus forgets her stress and strain of daily routine.

          She values highly the blessings and gratefulness of patients and she treats many for free. I always felt that she has a healing touch.

          Naveena has a beautiful smile. Her friends, parents commented that her smile is her fortune. Her love and compassion won her many a heart. She maintains friendships as she believes that friendship makes every day a  celebration of heart.

          Our friend Jyothirmayi Alapati says; “Naveena, if I have another birth I wish to have a daughter like you.” Naveena smiles and says ; “Aunty, consider me as your daughter in this birth itself.”

          Naveena has a very good sense of music. She has a melodious voice. She used to write poems when she was a student- but after coming to America she has not given time for both music and poetic talent. Her work has become her worship. I hope and wish that she finds some time to revive her talents for her personal satisfaction.

          Naveena loves beautiful things as she is beautiful inside and out. She is very artistic in every thing she does. She grows all kinds of flowers seasonally. Her house is always filled with cut flowers. If she finds a bit of spare time she organizes her house, sets it in order humming her favorite tunes.

          To be kinder more than necessary is her motto. There is much more grace and kindness in Naveena than I could put here in words. We are blessed with such a wonderful daughter. We are more than happy and proud that we raised her as an independent and strong woman. We wish her the best of everything in her life. We wish her a happy, healthy, peaceful long life.

          Our life is near perfect with our wonderful children who have filled our home and lives with sunshine, a loving family and, grand children showering us with love and attention, a host of great friends to be cherished lifelong. This is all our wealth and our strength.

          I thank each and everybody who has made our lives worth living as a happy experience.

          This is  a beautiful reflection of yesterday- a joyful presence of tomorrow.


(To be continued-) 

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