If Diwali bombs burst

-Raniprasad Kandepi


          Diwali festival is coming this week. Srihita and Srinith jumped when they heard their mother saying that. Both are discussing what to buy for Diwali. Both the children asked mom Rakshita, “Mom mom, when shall we buy Diwali medicines?” “There’s still a week left! You’ll buy it when daddy comes.”

          When Rajesh came from office in the evening, both the children followed him. ‘Daddy! Daddy! Diwali festival is coming. I want Flower pots “said Srihita. Immediately Srinith mocked “what kind of Flower pots you shoot, you are a girl!”That’s right for you,” said Srinith. “Daddy,” I want Lakshmi bombs, rockets, and cookware, said Srinith.

          “Hey Srinith, you are making fun of my sister. I apologize in advance. Just like you buy what you like, sister buys what you like. Whose likes are theirs? Don’t make fun of someone bigger than you,” said Rajesh.

          Okay daddy! I never make fun of my sister. “Sorry sister” to sister Srinith said. “Okay! I forgive you” said Srihita smiling.

          Just like that, Rajesh took both of them to the market in the evening, and in the Diwali potter’s shop they bought seemapots, crackers, matabs, flower pots, rockets, bombs, earth wheels, Vishnu wheels, snake shells, ropes and various medicines. Diwali lights are now shining in children’s eyes.

          On the day of Diwali, Srihita and Srinith started burning medicines in the evening. The sounds of bursting firecrackers can be heard from four o’clock. Rakshita said, “When it gets dark, we will also come and burn it.” Seeing their enthusiasm, Rajesh said, “Okay, go and burn it.”

          The children of the neighbors are already taking medicine. Srinith Firecrackers, He started shooting bombs. Srihita gently rattles the snake’s fangs, earth wheels burning in the veranda. Suddenly ‘Mom!’ Srinith’s cry was heard. Srihita and the children next to them all ran away.

          Srinith’s bomb explodes. Srinith is near it. So the face got burnt. Srinith started to scream loudly due to the pain. Rakshita and Rajesh, who were working inside, ran outside.

          Dr. Prasada Rao is examining Srinith in the hospital. He washes his face and looks at the wounds. A wound appears near the eye. A little blood is still visible here and there. Rakshita and Rajesh stood in a corner scared. Srihita was crying and her mother was standing. There is a large burn near the eye. The doctor applied some ointment. He told the sister that he did not give the injection without knowing the pain so as not to cause a fire. Apply ‘Silverex’ ointment to the compounder and put him to bed, I will come back after a while and the doctor came to the parents.

          “Look! Now there is no big danger. The eye was burned. If anything happened to the same eye, the eye would have been lost! Children should not be told to burn medicine alone. Children should burn medicine under the supervision of adults. Moreover, pots and pans do not explode immediately when burned. Go and see if there is no fire. At the same time, it will explode. Then being close will burn you. Whenever you touch the pot, you should not go near it. Similarly, keep your hands away while burning crackers. There are chances of burning from them. When we burn matabs and crackers, even if the embers fall, holes are left on the clothes. But there is no chance of burning. Also, when rockets are exploded, they sometimes explode in reverse. That is an accident. .Do not leans over it. There are people who have lost their eyes due to the drops in the medicine falling into their eyes. Diwali should be celebrated with joy but not with sadness.

          In any case, parents should raise their children carefully. If they stay close and follow my advice and take medicine, they will be happy. Children grow up well only if they are raised carefully. The doctor said in detail, “If you show the children how to burn the medicine, they will know better.”

          Rakshita and Rajesh nodded as if they understood. “What is wrong now doctor” he asked. It takes time for the burn to subside. You can stay in the hospital for two days and leave. I will give an injection to reduce the pain,” said the doctor.


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