Echoes of Human Ethos (poetry)

A book of English poems 

written by Shri. Ramachandra Rao Nanduri.

– Dr. Hima Bindu. T



As I read poems in Echoes of Human Ethos it was unable to simply read it and put it aside. There are some most essential views which should be spread far and wide and understood by all.

          The Book Echoes of Human Ethos written by My teacher Sri. Nanduri Rama Chandra Rao sir. As I am moving from one poem to another by reading, I felt wonder and happy to know how he expressed his views, how he prayed, and pleaded. From these poems we can understand how he fears about the future of our human lives. He also suggested some important and fundamental actions we should do to eradicate chaos and make the echoes melodious by ethos. Each and every poem has its own speciality to serve and feed the mind where it needs to fulfil its empty bowl with a nutritious balanced diet of humanity to find a peaceful heaven of healthy relations.

          In the very first poem the poet showed us how to make our living space be heaven.

          “little do we need, little be our greed

           In all of us a tinge of kindness I plead”

          He is pleading with everyone to be kind. Though we are the best breed on the earth there is no need to think like we are superior because we are here only for a limited time. Some stay for a very short period and some stay for some more period but all are here not to stay forever. Two persons, groups or even countries horrify their and their followers’ lives with their wars of differences. Troding other’s rights will not make anyone happy, even his own self. So, our vision should be broad. Give and take will fill each one’s deficits. The main and important point hidden in this poem is that welfare of our surrounding humans gives ourselves a happy space to live.

          “Welfare of all makes a happy abode

           Incumbent on all is a humane abide”.

          Second poem “Earth Belongs to All”.

          I would like to call it a poem of emergency.

          “We stand on it yet we dig it up

          We feed on it yet we scrape it up”

          As the poet expresses his fear about the existence of life on the earth in future. Because we are all living on it, using it to benefit from it and then in return we are destroying and exploiting its resources without foresight. We are neglecting the welfare of its wholesomeness. Unlike money, we are greedy in taking earth’s benefits but not in preserving its quality and quantity for our future generations.

          “Pray we care and act to preserve it

           Pray wisdom dawns on them ruling it”

          Poet is praying that the dawn of our wisdom shall lead us to take care and act to preserve nature.

In lines : 

Path to prosperity can’t be laid by causing deaths

A tree stands together with many a sturdy branches

Human race is one such wisdom behoves togetherness –

poem “To Be One With Others”

          The Poet is pointing out with disappointment that prosperity will not come with other’s destruction. A tree stands sturdy with its so many branches. Humans should also unite in spite of all their diversities.

          In our nation’s history also, the great Emperors realised after fearsome wars and pouring blood flooded the earth that there is no real happiness or wealth or prosperity by taking other’s lives. They felt repentance and turned their governance into the path of peace. But at what cost? Could they ever bring back the lost lives and correct what they spoiled?

          In the poem “While on The Porch” the poet admires the life of birds as they don’t store anything for the long future instead of that they train their young ones how to fly and fetch food. This makes them free.

          From the above two examples tree and bird, can’t we learn something?

          In the poem “Pause and Ponder ” the poet emphasises to think on peace. If we crave or take other’s assets or damage nature with greed or hatred will it stay with us, when we die? So everything in nature is to have peace and gratitude but not with hatred or greed. Peace and gratitude makes one’s soul bloom with beauty and be filled with rays of light.

          In “Tune the tone” torrented words are like swords which tear apart the relationships. Instead , words that are tempered with patience are taken to hearts and bring a change like a smallest drop of water helps the flowers to bloom and adorn the soil.

          In “Tidings of times” the poet embodies his views that a person’s tensions, depressions unfulfilled desires and needs make him as a ghost and in that frustration, when the life itself become unbearable he decides something more stressful with confusions of what is going on and what is the reality, why? Then in search of answers and in search of solutions takes some silly steps which may become fruitful or miserable. Right there the poet gives advice with his experiences and knowledge that let the engulfing wave and tempting time go away and then become as good as everyone as others. 

          As I read the poem “Optimum Enriches” I found the poet as a deep rooted big tree full of branches and fruits in his hands offering all of us. He also looks like the sunlight where the dark greed or fraud is dancing fearfully. He also looks like a cloud which is going to rain where the land is completely barren.

          He wants to give all his happiness to his beloved to make her/him happy and he is also optimistic in waiting for the spring to return and asking us to let the autumn pass.   

          The unsaid truth he mentioned in the poem “The Unsaid” is that till eternity hopes bloom to tend one’s heart and craves for love to be returned.

          “Wise are those who don’t let go midway

          Strive hard to finish the job on hand that day

          Practice and perseverance lead to victory way

          A small ant teaches us this, let me say”

          I adore these lines which are very inspiring to those who are aspirants of their specific goals. In modern days love is just a word used for fashion or craze. But if love is true like an ocean, it will not go dry. The feeling of love is sweet, doesn’t ever turn poisonous or hateful and the soul turns divine. Love does not stop but increases or reverses (it means he gets more than he gives).

          In addition to this he also expressed his views about love in a beautiful way. The eternal truth is when showered love blooms like flowers when we feel it. Overall meaning of love is poetized with his specific style. Whoever reads it they may want to give more love to their loved ones in the right way.

          “Religious is a path to traverse life, not to create strife

          Religious means being nice,

          Irreligious are those who wield the knife”

          Poet with his experiences and after going through various stages of life and various circles of the society expresses so many valuable suggestions. These are very important in the present day situations.

          As from the culture or way of lifestyle we are following we much deviate from good, that means morals, ethics and desired lifestyle.  Whereas in various religious matters, we are going back to medieval times, when it is a given truth that God is in various forms, is in all creatures, is omnipotent and omnipresent and He doesn’t differentiate between His worshippers. 

          “Isn’t it time Enough” tells 

          Discuss and debate, deter violence, as a theology.

          Strife and starvation need salvation soon enough.

          Let’s make ourselves better, isn’t it time enough?

          In reality some people if they are hurt by others they don’t express then and there and set matters right, but they develop hatred and rancor and they do harm in the back, while face to face they talk very politely and praisingly. What they get in turn that makes them satisfied is not known. If they discuss with the other person then only, the other person will learn or know the mistake or he might explain his action. Then the problem is solved and friendship or relationship might develop more strongly. Instead of this having the rancor inside brings stress to himself and regret later.

          The Poet hopes peace and unity among all might at least be brought about by this generation of children and the following generations in the poem, “On You My Hope Rest”.

          In The poem “It pains me a lot” the poet is feeling pain as hate is reciprocated but love is not; yes, it’s 200% true … Why is it like this? Everyone should think about it and there is a need to know the root cause.

          Lines from “Foot prints in the Sand” poem

          “Foot prints are like sand in an hourglass,

          Few make studied in History class,

          Few are mentioned in grim detail in crime pages,”

          Yes. Few study history, few study lifestyle, few make spirituality, few make morality, few make equality and justice. Let us hope and work for not to make all the above blown away with the discrimination.

          In “Of Thorns and Roses” poem “Being a thorn in another’s liberty results in self destruction

          Being a rose in another’s eyes results in getting revelation”

          In “A cry of caution” poem

          “Whose land are we safe guarding

          Which nation are we boasting of and protecting

          Which religion was there when earth was formed

          Which human was there when life began to breathe”? he says. 

          The poet cautions us to think while explaining the above for letting better generations to inherit this planet earth.


What is gone is gone, happened happened

Today is another day, why not peace be there (poem: Moving on)

Tomorrow is a new day, let’s make hay (poem: Another day to live)

We inherited a conjoined earth, to share,

Well and good it will be on our part,

To let it stay that way,

To live and to let live (poem: To live and let live)

          Each poem and each line is insightful, thought provoking and evocative. All poems are blended carefully with an idea of human life as an idol of glass carved with beautiful design and when it comes to the reader’s mind, their will of acceptance and adoption may turn it as strong as diamond idol. Poet emphasised that the main mantra of peaceful and beautiful life is “Live and Let Live”.

          I thank Guruvu garu for providing such a type of permanent print on this sandy society with an intention to bring peace and love in human lives by avoiding hatred and rancor.

Live and Let Live

Let it be the Life Mantra


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