Centenary Moonlight

Telugu Original: Dr K.Geeta

English Translation: Madhuri Palaji

A tiny seed

That turned into a huge tree rooted inside me–

Baby fish swimming in the inherent lake–

Infant sleeping in the silent chamber since nine months–

Me — still being an unbreached temple

And address of the sprouting smile —

How are you, baby?

Always a wonder — always a marvel —

You shift in black and white influx

Sweet motherly bliss flows through my gut looking at you —

So many diligences for you!

Saffron, orange juice —

Omegas, folic acids — regular time tables —

You delicately shook your wings

Whirled like you learnt aquatics

Thumped like you know racing even before birth

You turned me into a nourishing mother full of milk

In a world, where baby’s movement becomes the essence of life

Seconds move closer to the womb and turn into hands caressing the belly

All the love cascades into fingers

And preludes result just by the touch —

Dizziness, smells causing disgusts

Nausea, frailty

New agony every month making me exhausted

Sleeplessness in spite of trying every position

Being a guard of the outer world

I’m patrolling day and night only for you —

Waiting to embrace you as a ray of light when you open your eyes

I’m enduring everything —

My cute little baby!

We are two chunks of one being

Though, you reside in me

I feel joyous as if I am inside you —

Even when years crossed hastily, I, in your contour

Will collect another hundred years

I will evolve through the blood flowing in you

And live on for many centuries

Thank you, baby!

Thanks a million —

For being the star you are, shining so bright in the sky

And transforming into a centenary moonlight in me

For being the moist twinkle on everyone’s lips

And filling the entire house with your happy squeal — 


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