The Pandemic!

-Satyavani Kakarla

Another quarter has passed… Covid scare is lurking from several months, beginning the start of 2020 till now and forecasted into future. What a year it has been.

Trust all are taking good care, your loved ones, emotions, and the community at large and surroundings.

Things changed for all of us, and Mother Earth is continuing to test our strength by the day with added challenges all along the way in myriad forms. 

Strategic choices and actions are called for. Life styles, food choices, education, socializing, work-life balances, all areas of life is affected and transformations are happening constantly. Are we just busy with blame gaming or taking responsibility and accountability in certain matters of our human capability to fix things we can?

Lots of questions pop in each of us, making us think and rethink.

What copying techniques are we utilizing, some old and new ones on the way?

What feelings are churning and picked up, knowing about ourselves within and without.

Hope matters! Staying strong is loudly called on us all!

What do you say?


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