Amazing Grace!

-Satyavani Kakarla

We are surrounded by inspirational people, of all genders and ages.

Some really make a difference, move you to transcend in a special way just hearing about them in several places, in person and in thoughts.

Few weeks back, social media was rolling, filling space with one such human being – Ms. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is a personification of ‘Amazing Grace’! Justice. Ruth your life has cherished many. Thank you.

When you sit back, contemplate, you would wonder what makes one so special? Outwardly they just seem to lead their life in common ways, but can make uncommon positive impacts on fellow beings, on communities locally and beyond one could fathom.

Speaking of women in our lives, Justice. Ruth was one such person. We all do and definitely were influenced by such figure-s, inspired in myriad ways along our journey. 

Who comes to your mind, a woman, that made a difference in your life, what is ‘her’ story? Why do we embrace her the most, making her a part of our journey on earth?


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