Need of the hour -12

Skill Enhancement


Individual has to enhance his skill to perform better at every stage in his life. SKILL enhancement should be a commitment with confidence to perform and

Evolve as a better person in one’s life.  It is a commitment with a purpose to make things possible with the available resources and opportunities. It is a happening of those impossible that are only possible with skill.

Just as the earth revolves around itself, we revolve around our own thoughts. We revolve to grow, develop and elevate or deter, diminish and eliminate ourselves. All this happens within the Pandora box – Our Mind!

How can we improve our talent or skill! We need constant and genuine thinking in the prime years of our life and dedicate ourselves to learn with enthusiasm. We should be able to understand that there is only one thing that can preserve or perish an individual and that is knowledge with skill.  This way we need to protect ourselves by engaging in the right kind of education with values. To protect and preserve an individual we need right kind of educational institutions. These institutions can impart training in the required areas to enhance skill of an individual. That training, which will churn the thinking process in an Individual. If this is possible, by every Institution, we will be realizing the targeted results.

SKILL should be enhanced in every direction, like,  

  • Learning Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)                           
  • Positive thinking     
  • Life Skills 
  • How to face challenges in life
  • How to plan your studies
  • How to excel in exams
  • Behavioural problems
  • Career Guidance

Along with university education an individual needs, all the above skills. My be, many a times they are within us. We need to unleash the power of these skills to make oneself a better personality. 

Skill in an individual can be enhanced with the help of group discussions, games quizzes, practical works, workshops, trainings and other exercises. This way the focus can be on crucial life skills to make a performer perform better, at every stage and age of life. 

The results of all these skills can be tremendous and can sky rocket an individual towards the betterment of human welfare. This is the need of the hour. 


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