Laptop -2

-Telugu Original by Dr K.Geeta

-English Translation by V.Vijaya Kumar

 Surya calls from the office.

 “Insurers asked us to come tomorrow to have the repair to the windshield.  Can you go? I have meetings all week.”

 The voice sounded like he was upset to be doing all this to himself.

 I said “OK” to avoid it.

 I send Nidhi to school.

 “It will take two hours to repair the damage, the door also bent and damaged. Hadn’t you seen? The shop man asked.

 Until then I didn’t notice it.

 “We don’t do that repair here, you talk to your insurance again and show it to the mechanic,” he said again.

 I called Surya, the message went unattended as usual.

 When he was in the office, Surya never lifted a phone call even though the earth was turned upside down.

 And I have to solve this problem myself somehow.  I called the Insurance office while sitting in the glass shop lounge. The details of what they asked me are endless. I had to keep the phone close to my ear all the time there.  All in all I took note of the address of the mechanic shop that accepts their insurance nearby.

Nidhi’s arrival time from school is still one hour. So I want to talk to the mechanic  to come for the car another day so that I can get back.

 “We will repair your car completely,  I used to work for a similar insurance company.  Don’t worry,” reassured the mechanic.

 “But the thing is you have to pay a deductible $ 250 according to your insurance,” he said.

 “How much for the actual repair can we offer?”  I asked.

 “The car door may have to be dented and painted.  It’s also possible to cover small patches of paint around your car. Otherwise we will paint the car as a whole.  The car has to be left here for five days. Approximately it comes nearer to $ 5000.” The mechanic said.

 He looked at my shocking face that stuck with horror with that number said, “Everything is looked after by the insurer, you don’t worry.”  In the meanwhile changing the the conversation, He said,

 “I went to India once. The desire to see the Taj Mahal was fulfilled somehow then, by the way,  How far are you from the Taj Mahal in India?”

 “Probably, a thousand miles,” I said.

 “Oh! it’s very near,” he smiled and said, don’t be worried about the car! 

 “I’m sad very little about the car, but we lost a very valuable laptop,” he said.

 “What actually happened?” He asked.

“Do you own a home, do you have homeowner insurance?”

I nodded.

 As soon as I said it, he immediately exclaimed and said,

 “And don’t you know that insurance covers your laptop?”  

 “Yes, I do not know, we also have car insurance from the same company.  I have already talked to them many times about the car.  No one can give me such advice, ” I said.

 ” Let’s find out now. I have a friend. Tell me your insurance number.” He said.

He said in five minutes, “Good news for you! your house insurance will cover all of your household items, but your deductible may $ 500.  Still its a great deal against $ 2000 laptop! Think about buying a new laptop now happily that you can afford it peacefully after getting back to home.  Leave the car for us.” 

 I was very happy to find this lip service in America.

 Surya had already been trying all means for two or three days.

 He called the Apple shop where we bought the laptop and inquired there. They said, “Nothing can be done because they have not taken out the Theft Insurance.”

 When we called the credit card where we bought the laptop, they said, “Within three months of the purchase, it will only cover a quarter of the amount purchased.”

 The police are altogether indifferent in this issue.  No response was  given to the phone calls.

 He understands that a lost laptop will never be recovered.

 My mind raced to tell  Surya about this news.

 I phoned Surya on my way home. As usual,  I leave a message. ”When are we going to the Apple store to buy a new laptop? 

 After his arrival, Surya said, “Sorry dear! I could not pick up your phone. I saw the message.  We don’t have a budget to buy a laptop right now, but let’s think of it after sometime.”

 “Okay, what will you give me, if I arrange you a “new” laptop for $ 500? ” I lured him.

 He looked at me strangely and said, “Where did you get such a cheap deal?” He said.

I said teasingly, how could I say so easily to you  my difficulty after all in wandering around the shops and mechanic sheds working all day! 

I smiled and posed like a saint saying, ” Here it is Priya none other than else!


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